TD Bank credit card

TD Bank Credit Card Details, Activation, Reviews and Applying Process Step By Step

TD Bank Credit Card Details Step by Step

TD Bank Credit Card Details
TD Bank Credit Card Details

This TD bank is one of the best Banks in the United States as it comes under top 10 banks of US. TD Bank offers a credit card to their customer which is very beneficial for all the personal use like shopping, paying bills, travel, etc. it always gives some rewards on every purchase through credit card. This bank gives some points, cash back, and many discounts on paying bills or for shopping. TD bank credit card is very different from normal retailer card as it really offers lots of cash back and reward to their customer through whom they can do extra shopping for their family or homes. They can also plan some trips from those cash back and rewards. So, in this article, you will get to know every little detail about the TD bank credit card.

Apply for TD bank credit card

If you want to get a reward on every shopping through TD bank then you need to apply for the TD bank credit card so, to apply for the TD bank credit card you need to follow the below step:



       1: You have to go on the official website of the TD Bank credit card or you can click the below link

      2: Compare the credit card and select the credit cards which you need.

      3: After selecting the credit card the click on the “apply” button.

      4: Fill the “application form” of credit card where you need to enter your personal details like your name, address, your income, etc.

      5: Submit your application by clicking on the “submit” button.

      6: Wait for the approval and after approving you need to wait for 5-7 days to reach the credit card on your doors.

Apply by phone

You can also apply TD Bank credit card through phone. To apply TD Bank credit card by phone follow the below steps:

Step 1: Call on the official no. of TD Bank that is


Step 2: Follow the instruction given by the bank and give them all the details that they demand.

Step 3: your credit card application will be completed within few minutes.

NOTE: You can only apply for a credit card by phone between 8 am to 11 pm from Monday to Friday.

BY trust branch

you can apply the credit card by visiting the bank you need to follow the below step:

      1: Go to your nearest branch of TD bank.

      2: Fill the application form of TD bank credit card.

      3: Submit it in your bank.

      4: Within 5 to 6 days credit card will reach to your home.


Activation of TD bank credit card

If the credit card has reached your home then you need to activate so, you can activate your credit card within 5 to 10 minutes by following the below steps.

There are two ways to activate this card that are: 

1) Online activation

2) Activation by phone



You must have online banking if you want to activate your credit through online. So, the steps to register your card are:

      1-  Click on the below link to go on the TD Bank credit card activation page:

      2-  Go the “log in” option and select the “easy way” option.

      3-  Click the Username and password and then click on “log in“.

      4-  After login your ID you need to go on the “account information” and then you need to select “credit card details” and at last you need to click on “Activate card“.

      5-  Fill the required information.

      6-  Your card will get activated.


Activation through phone calls

You can get your activation through phone calls but for that, you need to follow the below steps:

     1. call on the TD bank official number that is


     NOTE: Call only from that number which you have given to the bank while applying for your credit card.

     2. Gives all the required details and follow the instruction.

     3. Confirm the terms and conditions given by the banks.

     4. Your card will be activated within a few minutes.


TD Bank credit card offers

This Bank is really very great for getting offers as it gives lots of offers to its customers. Cards offer almost 3% cash back on dining and 2% cash back shopping of grocery and 1% cash back for every other shopping.

The best part of the credit card is you did not need to pay any annual charges of the card and also there are no foreign transaction fees. You need to make your payments of your card on time so that you can get all the offers without any penalties.

This Bank also offers $200 cash back for sign up if you spent $900 in shopping or travel or on other within with 90 days of the activation of the card. TD Bank credit card is really best for all those people who want to earn reward or cash back on their every shopping. It also does not take any fees for on cash back redemption and also there is any blackout day for TD Bank credit card.


Check your credit card balance

To be protected from penalties it is really important to check your credit card balance time to time so, check your credit card balance by below steps:

      1- First you need to go to the below link

     2- log in to your account by giving the details required for login.

     3- Go on the “credit option” and then click on “credit card account” option.

     4- You will find your “account balance” in the right corner of your device.

You can also check your credit card balance by downloading TD app or you can also call 8887519000 to get to know your credit card balance.


How to make payment to TD Bank credit card

Payment for this bank on time is really very important as it helps to save you from late penalties. due date is almost 20 to 25 days so, to avoid your penalties make your payment within 20 to 25 days. If you get late then your penalties fees will not less than $1 so, make the payment with time. You can make your payment with the different methods like by TD bank website or by phone calls or by going on your trust branch of TD Bank. Online payment is really one of the easiest methods to pay the bills, the online payment methods of this bank is:

Pay online

  •   You need to go on the TD bank credit card service website or you can click on the below link:

  •  Now login to your account by filling the required details.
  •  Now, select the “credit card account” in the account tab.
  •  Select the option “pay via transfer”
  •  Now, pay the amount by entering the details which are required to fill in the boxes.
  •  Now, click on the “complete payment” and finishes the payments procedure of your credit card.

Pay by phone

Pay your credit card bills by calling the customer service number that is 8009372000 and make your payment by giving all the details demand by the bank. You can pay your bills by phone only at office time which is from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 11 pm.


How to cancel TD Bank credit card

If you want to cancel your credit card then follow the below steps:

  •  log in to your account for online banking.
  •  Click on the option “send a secure message” in the message center which is just left corner of your device.
  •  Send a message for closing your credit card by giving your details of credit card including your credit card number.
  •  Your credit card will deactivate within few hours.

If you were unable to cancel your card via online then you call to the customer service number to close your card. The customer service number for closing the credit card is 18885618861.


TD Bank credit card customer support              

TD Bank credit card customer support is always available for their customer as if you have any queries, then you can call the customer support number at any time. The customer support number is available 24*7 hours for support and solve every issue related to the credit card. The customer support number of the Bank is


You can find TD Bank on Facebook by going on below link

You can also dm your queries through twitter by going on the below link


How to reset the password 

If you have forgotten your password then it is really very easy to reset your password  by going a few simple steps:

     1: First need to go on the official website or you can directly click on the below link:

     2: Click on “forget your password

     3: Now you need to click your user name and then click email address which you have given to your bank while activation of the card.

     4: Click on the Next option.

     5: Enter the OTP which you will get on your email.

     6:  click on submit option.

     7: Now reset a new password.

Note: password should be a strong password which consists of at least one numerical character and one uppercase as well as one lower case character. There should be a minimum of 6 characters of the password.


TD Bank credit card reviews

It is very useful credit card as it gives unlimited cash back on travelling, shopping, dining, etc you can redeem your cash back without any restriction and charges.



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